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Europe Today, 25.05.2014 Europe election

Europe today ...

Ein klares nein zum europäischem ParlamentAbstention, the German government in the EU Parliament, the vote on Genmais and MONSANTO? For all who did not notice it, first they agreed in all parties that they do not want that and also the citizens were 80% against GM corn in Germany and Europe, so a clear NO, in the vote in the EU Parliament to a we do not know what we want and a abstention. This then led to the entire vote ended with Yes. So if Germany had voted NO, the entire vote would have been voted NO. Is this the government that represents our interests?

Or the TTIP free trade agreement, which was 100% secret negotiated, has been gewunkem by the EU Parliament through .... although so many, I think 90% are against .... Are these the representatives we have elected and set this one for the German people and their needs a .... I do not think so.

It is lied negotiated and cheated because actually rules the industry all ... yes you too. As long as YOU participate in the consumption, they have one more reason to want to continue making money.

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Look here what really happened in the Crimea as elections were .... and think about what we were told .... about 90% of the Crimea residents chose to join Russia ... the same wanted Ukraine. A choice or better plebiscite for Europe or Russia and I think at least 70% of Ukrainians DO NOT want to join the EU.

Since one wonders why we choose ?? If everything goes well anyway. I think that a NOT choose but also no solution is ... rather a deselection .... but will go through if 80% of the people of Europe would say as an example ok we choose .... I think that anyway, keep it up running. Or what do you mean the representatives in the European Parliament are starting to get loud and show abuses:


The last video shows how years ago, mid-90s, has been said, but what comes in what way and with what background .... is only now slowly come to light ..... it looks at YOU and CONSIDER WHAT WILL EUROPE .... HOW does it go on and where ... ???

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So SELECTION and RESTART ... Europe can grow together but not with FORCTION and WITHOUT any rights ..... Volunteer and together, it will work ...... MY OPINION Long SELECTION of the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT ... otherwise it will continue in Europe as it was in Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and is TOTAL PROTECTION .... WAKE UP !!!